USPS Responds to Inquiries into Delayed Election Mail

As reported earlier, WNEG News contacted Toccoa Post Office Postmaster Kevin Moore regarding concerns over undelivered Elections Office precinct Cards and Absentee Ballot Request Forms, as well as inaccurate “undeliverable” stickers attached by the post office to forms returned to the Election Office after having been mailed to voters. Moore informed WNEG News that any inquires would need to be addressed to the Regional Communications Specialist. On Monday, WNEG News sent an email with questions regarding the issues to the provided email address for the Regional office. 

Yesterday morning, WNEG News received the following response from USPS Corporate Communications Specialist Evelina Ramirez with Media Relations:

Good morning, Jessica – Below is our statement.

“The U.S. Postal Service is fully committed to the secure, timely delivery of the nation’s Election Mail.  

The Postal Service is committed to fulfilling our role in the electoral process when public policy makers choose to utilize us as a part of their election system. We provide election officials with a secure, efficient, and effective means to enable citizens to participate in elections. We have a robust and proven process to ensure proper handling and delivery of all Election Mail, including ballots.

 Regarding mail service in Toccoa, the Postal Service is not aware of any delays in service or deliveries in the area. All mail, including Election Mail and Ballot Mail, is cleared from our facilities there daily. We are aware of some voter registration cards that were returned to the election office. We have reached out to Stephens County election officials to address any issues and look forward to a successful election.”

WNEG News responded to Ramirez by email, asking if she could provide any information about why Precinct Cards that were mailed in early January had still not been received by voters, and why “undeliverable” labels had been attached to envelopes on which the address was a correct and current address for the voter.

Ramirez responded yesterday afternoon by mail, stating “We have no further information to provide at this time.”

WNEG News was also advised yesterday by Stephens County Election Supervisor Bruce Carlisle that both regional and local USPS representatives had contacted him to discuss the delivery issues, and said that the focus is now the absentee ballots.

He said the issues with the delivery of Precinct Cards has been set aside for now, but assured citizens that Precinct Cards are not necessary to vote, but if a resident would like a card and has not received one, they should contact the elections office, and one can be printed locally for them to pick up.

He stressed that there is no conspiracy to defraud or disenfranchise voters, as has been suggested on some social media platforms.

Carlisle said that he and Postmaster Moore determined a plan to assure timely delivery of all election absentee ballot-related mail.

He urged voters to take a level of responsibility for following through on their ballots.

Carlisle said that each voter that mails in an absentee ballot should check on their My Voter Page to make sure it gets credited to them, so they can be sure it was received.

To check on voter registration status, check voter registration information such as address, to print your own copy of your precinct card, or to check to see if an absentee ballot you have filled out and mailed to the elections office has been recorded as received, visit