TCC receives Clean Audit Report for 2021

The Toccoa City Commission recently received a clean Audit Report for 2021.

The Audit Report was completed by Mauldin and Jenkins.

Under the findings, Mauldin and Jenkins reports that the City of Toccoa would benefit from having additional employees to ensure the segregation of duties.

Segregation of employee’s duties is a common practice in an effective internal control structure, when specific employee functions related to important accounting areas are separated among different individuals to significantly reduce the risk that any one individual could intentionally or unintentionally misappropriate assets.

Additionally, Mauldin and Jenkins recommended that the city work on its cybersecurity.

The reports states that during the performance of the audit of financial statements of the City, they noted that the organization is lacking some elements of a Cybersecurity Framework or Cybersecurity Risk Management Program.

Again, overall, Mauldin and Jenkins returned a Clean Audit Report for 2021 for the City of Toccoa.