Stephens Co. Commission Makes Ordinance Adjustment

Stephens County Commissioners make a change to the door to door peddlers and solicitors ordinance.

Commissioners approved the changes Tuesday.

Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers said the changes were designed to help with the implementation of the ordinance.

According to Ayers, the changes were suggested by the sheriff and probate judge.

The vote on the changes was 4 to 0, with Commissioner Debbie Whitlock abstaining.

Whitlock voted against the initial ordinance last month.

The ordinance, which was approved and implemented last month, County puts guidelines in place that will regulate door-to-door sales and how those individuals operate in the county.

It includes things like requiring a permit and collecting a permit fee.

County officials say they felt the ordinance was necessary after receiving numerous calls from county residents expressing concerns about some door-to-door salespeople in the county described as overly aggressive and pushy about getting in the home to make the sale.

Meanwhile, county commissioners also unanimously approved two appointments.

First, commissioners appointed Greg Savage to fill the unexpired term of Woody Blasingame on the Board of Tax Assessors. That term runs through December 31.

Commissioners also appointed Dr. Larry Fritchmann to the Board of Health.

Finally, commissioners voted to postpone a vote on a work detail agreement with the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office to create an inmate work detail crew.

Commissioners proposed a number of clarifications to the agreement.