Shirley Receives National Sheriffs’ Association Appointments

sheriff's meetingStephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley will serve on some national committees as part of his involvement in the National Sheriff’s Association.

During the recent National Sheriff’s Association Conference in Washington, D.C., Shirley was appointed to serve on the Homeland Security Board and the National Juvenile Justice and Youth Committee.

Shirley said that this is the third year he has been appointed to serve on national committees.

He said he is extremely excited about both appointments will listen to colleagues from across the nation to gain knowledge that may be beneficial in Stephens County.

On the Homeland Security Board, Shirley said the committee will hear from national leaders regarding areas of domestic terrorism and gangs infiltrating areas around the nation, state, and region.

Meanwhile, Shirley said his appointment to the Juvenile Justice Committee is a new one and one he looks forward to.

Shirley addd he wants to hear what other counties are facing and try to find solutions to get to the root of causes of increasing juvenile crime.

Hughes County, South Dakota Sheriff Mike Leidholt, who is president of the National Sheriff’s Association, congratulated Shirley on receiving the appointments.