Shirley Issues Warning About Soda Bottle Meth Labs

The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office is warning area residents to be on the lookout for a new type of miniature methamphetamine lab making an appearance on the side of the road.

Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley said that his office has recently responded to several reports regarding suspicious bottles found thrown out along roadways.

Shirley said these bottles had been used in the production of methamphetamine.

“They (inmate litter clean-up crew workers) are discovering these bottles of what we call essentially a ‘shake and bake’ method of making methamphetamines,” said Shirley.

Shirley said it is also known as the “one pot” method of producing methamphetamine.

He said it is typically associated with methamphetamine users and not dealers.

Shirley said they have seen these disposed of in multiple areas around the county and have put out cameras and taken other steps to try and catch those responsible.

“They are throwing them out of the automobile or truck that they are in and disposing of them in that method,” said Shirley.  “Hopefully, we can get a tag number or a description of a vehicle.”

Shirley also encouraged any members of the public with leads to let authorities know.

The sheriff said he wanted people who may be walking on the side of the roadway or picking up roadside litter to be aware of these.

“If they see something mighty suspicious like a two-litter bottle that has been burned, that perhaps has plastic foil coming out of the top, call us right away,” said Shirley.

Also, Shirley said the bottles used are usually soda bottles containing a mixture of solids and liquids that may or may not have a hose inserted into the bottle or cap.

The sheriff said people who find one of these should not disturb it because of the danger they can pose.

“It is very volatile,” said Shirley.  “It can explode.”

He also said inhaling from an active one accidentally can be very harmful.

Shirley said his office will come out if and when one is found and dispose of it properly and safely.