SCMS Marks Black History Month

The Stephens County School System wraps up its celebration of Black History Month.

Friday, Stephens County Middle School held its annual Black History Month Program.

The theme of the program was “Looking Back to Move Forward.”

As part of the program, the students saw a performance called “One Voice,” a one-man show by Jeremiah Dew, who goes by the name “JDew.”

During his performance, “JDew” appeared on stage as historical figures such as Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bill Cosby, and President Barack Obama, reciting speeches and acting in character.

“JDew” said his goal is to bring these figures to life for the students.

“A lot of the students have not heard these things,” said “JDew, noting that they read about them in school, but then it is in the past.

He went on to say that he also wants to show the students through his performance that they can use their “one voice” to make their communities and the world a better place.

“Hopefully, the students realize that these were ordinary people that took their one voice and were able to change the world because they did something they thought was right, or necessary, or hard, or all of the above,” said “JDew.”

During Friday’s program, the Middle School also recognized “trailblazers” who helped start Black History Month commemorations in Stephens County Schools 35 years ago.

The middle school recognized L.J. Harrison, Helen Clark Barrow, Ollie Virginia Baker, and Marie Cochran.

Stephens County School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten said it has been a great experience to plan these events for the 35th anniversary of marking Black History Month in Stephens County Schools and honoring those who helped get it started.

“It has been tremendous this year planning some of these events,” said Whiten.  “For me personally, to get to know some of these folks because they are the reason we get to do some of the things we get to do today.  It has just been great to honor them because they have meant so much to this community.”

Numerous commemorations were held through the month of February to mark Black History Month in the Stephens County School System.