SCH announces winner of 6th annual Christmas Card Contest

The Stephens County Hospital recently announced the winner of the 6th Annual Christmas Card Contest.

This year’s winner is fifth-grader Ella Batson, 10, of Stephens County.

Batson told WNEG News about how it feels to win, and where she found inspiration for her design.

“It really cool. I drew a manger in my private art class, and decided I wanted to do it for my design. I think its awesome I get to share my artwork,” Batson said.

The Christmas Card that features Batson’s artwork will be on sale at the hospital’s gift shop.

Stephens County Hospital Foundation Director Pamela Jones told WNEG News about how the hospital selected Batson’s card design.

“Ella’s card really stood out from the rest, so we selected hers,” Jones said. “If you’d like to see the card you can visit the hospital’s gift shop where it will be for sale.”

For questions regarding the annual competition contact Jones via phone at 706-282-4254.