SCBC move forward with Occupation Tax

During the recent Stephens County Board of Commissioners regular scheduled meeting and work session, the board of commissioners voted and approved moving forward with the occupation tax ordinance; however, the vote was not unanimous with Commissioner Stanley London voting in opposition of the ordinance.

The occupation tax rate schedule would take the gross income of a business and create a fee schedule on a tier system.

County Financial Director Phyllis Ayers explained to the commissioners about the changes.

Commissioner Michelle Ivester, again, addressed yard sales, and one yard in particular that she considers to be operating as a business, rather than a yard sale.

However, this is when the temporary fee would come into effect, to deter the individual from holding yard sales every day.

Ayers explained to Ivester that yard sales such as the one she referenced will not be able to conduct business as they currently have been.

The commissioners utilized its regular scheduled meeting for the first public hearing of the ordinance.

A second public hearing or two public hearings are required for any ordinance to be adopted.

County Attorney Brian Ranck, opened the public hearing which resulted in no citizens coming forward in favor or in opposition of the proposed ordinance.

A motion was made by Commissioner Dean Scarborough with a seconded coming from Ivester, Commissioner Dennis Bell voted in favor of the motion, resulting in a 3-1 passing of the motion.