SCBC approve budget amendments for FY22

The Stephens County Board of Commissioners recently approved several amendments to the Fiscal Year 2022 budget.

The decision was made last week, during the commission’s regular scheduled meeting.

County Administrator Phyllis Ayers presented the item to the commission.

“Board to consider motion to approve Fiscal Year 2022 Budget amendments for recreation, elections, chief executive, code enforcement, planning and zoning, building and grounds, data processing and authorize chairman to sign resolution,” she said.

Ayers explained that as the county works to clean-up its budget to get ready for the end of year audit the amendments serve as a component to that process.

“This is part of the year-end audit clean up; but I do want to walk you through some of these. The one for recreation is $48,218.15 adjustment, but if you look on the first page, we did bring in, on those, $29,000 in additional revenue to offset expenses. And then we have some money from the CARES act from the prior year, so, that’s why that’s being amended,” she said.

Ayers continued with the amendment to the Elections Office.

“Then we have the Elections Department and that is $52,084. Now, $38,000 of this will have to come from property tax revenue because we have run out of contingency money. But it has become more expensive to run the elections process,” she said.

She says the amendment for Chief Executive will be moving funds within the department.

She then presented amendments to Code Enforcement and Planning and Zoning.

“Code Enforcement is moving funds within the department. Planning and Zoning is moving funds within the department for various supply items,” she said.

Commissioner Michelle Ivester made a motion approving the budget amendments with Commissioner Dean Scarborough seconding the motion.

The motion was approved 4-0 with Vice Chair Dennis Bell being absent.