SC Hospital, EMS To Participate in Piedmont University Mass Casualty Drill April 24

In an ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and preparedness of its community, Piedmont University will conduct a comprehensive mass casualty drill on Wednesday, April 24.
This exercise aims to simulate a large-scale emergency scenario, providing hands-on experience for emergency responders and university personnel, and especially for the University’s School of Nursing.
The drill, coordinated in collaboration with local emergency services, will take place on the Piedmont University Demorest campus grounds. It will involve various simulated incidents, including but not limited to, a staged mass casualty event, enabling participants to practice and refine their emergency response protocols.
By simulating real-life emergency situations, the university seeks to enhance the coordination and effectiveness of its emergency response teams. During the exercise, there will be an increased presence of emergency vehicles, personnel, and simulated casualties on campus. The community is urged not to be alarmed, as these activities are part of the planned drill.
Piedmont University appreciates the cooperation and understanding of the
community as it undertakes this critical preparedness exercise.
There may be brief traffic disruptions on and near campus, but major roads
will only be impacted momentarily. With the support of the City of Demorest, Massachusetts Boulevard and Demorest Lake Road will be closed Wednesday, April 24, until after the exercise.
The university remains committed to continuous improvement in emergency response procedures, ensuring the safety and well-being of all members of the campus community.
In addition to nursing, other departments will participate in this unique hands-on learning opportunity.
Forensic students will conduct crime scene investigations, theater students will create makeup and special effects, psychology students will provide mental health support, mass comm students will document and interview the event, criminal justice students will assess the scene, and education students will practice lock-down drills. We anticipate over 200 students participating, plus numerous faculty and staff.
Partner agencies assisting Piedmont University Police Department during the exercise will include Georgia Emergency Management/Homeland Security Agency, Georgia State Patrol, Habersham E-911/Emergency Management Agency, Habersham County Emergency Services, Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, Habersham County Public Information Office, Demorest Fire Department, Demorest Police Department, Air Life Georgia 2, Cornelia Fire
Department, Northeast Georgia Health System, and Stephens County Hospital, and Stephens County Emergency Medical Services.