Prayer Vigil attracts crowd

The Stephens County Board of Commissioners sponsored prayer vigil last night was a huge success.

Several residents, county and city employees and pastors gathered on Sage Street to join in fellowship and prayer.

Commission Chair Dennis Bell who advocated for the prayer vigil during previous Commissioner meetings told WNEG News that he is proud to live in a community that welcomes events such as this.

“We are all children of God,” he said.

Bell added that Stephens County residents come out and support events like these because of how strong of a bond the citizens share with each other.

Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of Commerce President Julie Paysen also attended the vigil, in hopes of coming together with the community and place God first.

“I think it’s awesome that we live in a community that seek the face of God,” she said.

Stephanie Cortellino, of Toccoa, was one of many local residents who attended the prayer vigil.

She and her husband had attended a previous prayer vigil hosted by the county a few years ago, and wanted to show their support for what the county is attempting to do.

According to those in attendance, the prayer vigil did what it was intended to do, by bringing the community together in hopes of changing the issues the county faces each day.

Bell added that he hopes to make the prayer vigil an annual event, to serve as a reminder of the presence of God and the power of prayer.