Oconee County Wins Big at Stephens

The Oconee County Warriors blasted the Stephens County Indians 17-1 Tuesday
evening in the first game of the Region 8-AAA series.

The Indians took an early lead in the first inning on four singles and an RBI from
Konnor Loudermilk, but never crossed the plate after that.

Oconee County scored three runs in the third inning, 8 runs in the fourth inning,
and six more in the top of the fifth. The Warriors were led by Bryson Dempsey
who had four hits and three RBIs. Right fielder Zeke Newberry had two hits and
four RBIs.

Konnor Loudermilk took the loss with Jack Wilhoit, Nate Ivester, Colby Fowler and
Caiden Sweat all following on the mound. Grady Wilkes was the winning pitcher
for Oconee County.

The Indians have now lost 4 in a row and have a record of 7-10 and 2-5 in the
region. Oconee County is now 4-3 in region play and 7-7 overall.

The Indians and Warriors will meet again Thursday for the series doubleheader.
Due to inclement weather on Friday, the game has been changed to Thursday
with airtime for game 1 at 4:45 P.M. on WNEG.