No election in Toccoa or Martin

Tuesday is the general election across the state of Georgia; however, for Stephens County neither Toccoa nor Martin will be holding an election.

With no one qualifying, aside from incumbents, for either municipality, Chief Registrar Bill Cochran told WNEG News that there will be no need for an election.

According to Toccoa City Clerk Fredda Wheeler, both incumbent City Commissioners, including Jeanette Jameison and Evan Hellenga, have qualified to run for re-election but no other potential candidates came forward.

Cochran added that for the town of Martin there are two council seats open as well as the mayor’s seat.

Incumbent Martin Mayor Don Foster qualified for re-election and both incumbent city councilmen, Roger Looney and Sandi Stovall qualified for re-election for the city council seats.

With each incumbent running unopposed, the State of Georgia’s policy regarding elections, operates under the assumption that each candidate will vote for themselves and will retain their respective seats.

Despite there not being a local election this November, it is a good time to check to make sure you are still registered to vote, for forthcoming elections, if you have not voted in some years.

You can register to vote and or update your information online at