Last week shooting still under investigation

Wednesday evening, around 10:41 p.m., a shooting occurred on Prather Bridge Road near Willowdale in Toccoa.

The Toccoa Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

Police Chief Tim Jarrell told WNEG News that the shooting was started when a driver of a truck exited his vehicle to approach three pedestrians, upon initial contact an argument ensued.

Jarrell continued to explain that after the motorist approached the pedestrians, gunfire ensued.

It has yet to be determined who produced a gun first; however, the motorist did sustain a non-life threating gunshot wound.

Currently there have been no charges filed, as of yet.

Jarrell added that if anyone sees any suspicious activity throughout the community to call 911; rather than, investigating the situation yourself.

There is no connection between this shooting and any previous shooting that has occurred in the city of Toccoa as of lately, Jarrell said.

WNEG News will provide continued coverage on this developing story as more information becomes available.