IRS Free File Now Available As Tax Season Starts

The tax filing season is right around the corner and those eligible for free filing online with the Internal Revenue Service can actually get started now.

IRS Spokesman Mark Green said that “Free File” is now available to those in Georgia who wish to file their own taxes online and meet certain criteria.

“Here in Georgia, we anticipate 4.5 million returns being filed,” said Green.  “Out of that 3.8 million will be filed electronically.  Out of that, 70 percent of taxpayers can begin filing their returns by choosing ‘Free File’ if they make less than $58,000 in income.”

Green said that those wishing to go ahead and begin using “Free File” can do so by going online to and finding the “Free File” section.

“Your return will be prepared and held until January 31,” said Green.  “That is when we will begin processing the returns.”

For those who make more than $58,000, they can begin filing with “Free File Fillable Forms” starting on January 31.

That is the electronic version of IRS paper forms and it is best for people used to doing their own taxes.

Meanwhile, the start of tax season also means the start of tax scam season.

Green said one prevalent tax scam right now involves the telephone.

“There are individuals calling and pretending from the Internal Revenue Service, stating that you have a tax liability and asking you to pay or else they will send the police after you,” said Green of the scam.

Green reminded residents need to be cautious of anyone asking for any personal information over the phone.

“The Internal Revenue Service does not solicit personal information by phone, e-mail, or text,” said Green.

He also said it is important that people safeguard their personal information.