Hall Concedes Race for Republican Nomination in 50th District State Senate Race to Hatchett

Habersham County businessman and County Commission Chair Stacy Hall has conceded the race for the Republican nomination for the 50th District State Senate race to Habersham attorney Bo Hatchett.

In a press release issued Monday night, Hall thanked all who worked on his campaign and wished Hatchett well.

“Earlier this evening I called to congratulate Bo Hatchett on his victory as the Republican Candidate for State Senate District 50. With nearly 25,000 votes cast and only 38 votes separating us, today’s recount confirmed it was a very competitive race but it’s time to put the campaign to rest, “Hall began. “I’m incredibly grateful for the dozens of committed volunteers who worked so hard throughout my campaign and for the thousands of voters who put their trust and confidence in me. A special thank you to my wife, Ivy Copeland Hall, and my family who stood beside me through it all. I am proud to have run a campaign of integrity anchored by issues and facts. Again, my deepest thanks to the residents of Senate District 50. No doubt, we live in the greatest place on earth. May God bless you.”

Hall had requested a recount of the August 11 run-off results after losing by just 40 votes to challenger Bo Hatchett.

After the recount Monday, that difference had dropped to a 38-vote difference but still gave Hatchett the win over Hall.

Two of the eight counties in the 50th District showed slightly different numbers after Monday’s recount, but it wasn’t enough to change the August 11 outcome.

In Franklin County, the recount results Monday gave Stacy Hall two extra votes, according to Elections Supervisor Gina Kesler.  After the votes were counted, Stacy Hall had 1,770 votes to Bo Hatchett’s 926.

In Banks County, Hall lost one vote but still came out ahead with 1,399 votes to Hatchett’s 1,156.

And in Towns County, Hatchett picked up two more votes giving him 1,680 votes to Hall’s 1,872.

All of the recount results in the other counties in the 50th District, Stephens, Jackson, E. Hall, Habersham, and Rabun counties came out the same as August 11th.

On August 11, Hall won seven of the eight counties in the 50th District but lost in his home county of Habersham to Hatchett by a vote of 4,473 to Hall’s 2,598 and that was enough to give Hatchett the win.