Georgia DFCS Director resigns

Georgia DFCS says goodbye to Director Bobby Cagle, while Virginia “Ginger” Pryor gets settled in her new position of Interim Director.

Four years ago, Georgia DFCS was in a state of crisis.
For months, headlines blared the agency’s deficiencies at the time: seemingly unending backlogs of unprocessed food stamp applications; phone lines that led Georgians in need to nowhere; fresh-out-of-college case managers carrying caseloads in child welfare that were so burdensome even a trio of the most experienced social workers would struggle to manage them.
In 2014, DFCS was, no doubt, facing the greatest crisis in recent memory.

But Governor Deal wouldn’t let those headlines be the end of the story for Georgia.

Georgia is now drawing the blueprint to become a State of Hope for families in need.

Director Bobby Cagle says “I’m proud to have been a part of this story of redemption for DFCS.”

Cagle credits the success of the program to be only in part his, but more so it belongs to those who interact with families every day, those who knock on doors to be sure children are safe, and who spend days on the phone to find a child a place to call home.

Cagle added quote “After three and a half years working toward reform, my decision to leave Georgia for another opportunity was a very difficult one. But, ultimately, I felt the progress we’d made was so significant that the Division is prime for the next phase of reform.”
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