Franklin County Tax Commissioner’s Office is Back Open to the Public

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR

The Franklin County Tax Commissioners office is back open to the public after a two-week closure due to COVID-19.

Tax Commissioner Bobby Martin said the office reopened Monday morning at 8:00a, but indicated his staff has been working since last week to catch up on the mail and internet payments.

“We actually came in on Thursday and Friday and worked on mail. We also came in Saturday to catch up,” he said. “So everything that people sent through the mail or entered through the dropbox has been entered and we’re pretty much up to speed. And it’s been wide open all morning; especially the calls. We can’t get all the calls. It’s impossible to help people here and get all the calls but we’re doing the best we can.”

Martin also reminds those who need to pay their property tax or vehicle tag tax that there are currently no late payment penalties in place.

“The Board of Commissioners extended the time without interest until the 25th. So people have until that time to pay without penalties or interest added to their bills. And of course, we’re waiving any penalties or interest that is on motor vehicles or titles during the time that we were closed,” he said.

And you actually don’t have to come in-person to pay your tax bill if you’re not comfortable doing that.

The Franklin County Tax Commissioners office has a website where you can pay online and that is

Martin said once there, just follow the links to pay online.  Or you can mail in your tax payment or put in their dropbox.

The Tax Commissioner made the decision to close the office on November 3 after an employee tested positive for COVID-19 and other staff members began to feel ill.

Martin also tested positive for the virus, he said.

Following CDC and Department of Public Health guidelines, the office remained closed to the public for 10 days and all employees were quarantined at home.

During that time, Martin said County workers came in and sanitized and disinfected the entire Tax Commissioners office.

But now that the office is again open to the public new safety protocols are in place.

“We are only allowing four people in the lobby at a time. We ask that everyone remember to social distance while waiting in line. And we are not requiring masks although a lot of people are wearing them,” Martin said.

The office also has plexiglass barriers between the public and tax staff for your safety and theirs.

Again, if you would rather pay online you can do that by going to or you can mail in your tax payment.