Franklin Co. Switching Computer Software

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia

Franklin County will switch back to a previous computer software used for billing and payroll.

At a Franklin County Commission work session last Thursday, County Clerk Elaine Evans told commissioners the decision was made because the new software was causing too many problems.

Evans said that Franklin County has battled the new software, explaining that the county staff has not been able to get reports out when needed or information out to departments that they would like because they cannot get it out of the system.

Franklin County Commissioners first heard of the problems with new software the county purchased from a company called QS1 in Greenville, SC back in August.

At that time, Evans said that while parts of the new software work well, other parts, such as the payroll software did not, citing one instance where an employee was paid double.

Evans also said she did not feel like the county got adequate training in the software.

Franklin County had a 36 month contract with QS1.

QS1 Sales Manager Jim Mitchell had offered additional technical support but FranklinCounty decided to go back to the old software and cancel their contract with QS1.

One area Franklin County Commissioners say they hope to continue with the switch back is receiving a monthly financial statement.

Franklin County Commissioner Jeff Jacques said that was extremely helpful, adding that it gave a great break down of each department and each line item in that department.

Evans said that was one of the items that would continue when FranklinCounty went back to the old software.  

Evans said she hoped to have the old software system back in place by early Spring.