Election schedule released, citizen asks for paper ballots

At a called meeting of the Stephens County Board of Registrars and Elections held on September 12, Board Chairman Sean Black distributed the official calendar for the 2023 municipal elections for the Town of Martin and the City of Toccoa.

According to the approved schedule, October 10 will be the deadline for the Elections Office to publish the notice of the call for the municipal general election and provide notice of said election to the Secretary of State’s office. October 10 is also the deadline for voter registration and voter change of address for the November 7 election, and is the deadline for candidates to designate poll watchers for the advance voting period.

October 11 and 12 are the mandated dates for the state-required Logic and Accuracy testing of the voting apparatus, and the first day of early voting and the first day to mail absentee ballots will be October 16. 

For the complete official calendar of voting events for 2023 in Stephens County, visit wnegradio.com

At the meeting, during the public comment section, local resident Pat McKibben asked board members to consider shifting away from using the state’s voting machines in the 2024 Presidential election, and instead institute the use of paper ballots, as provided for in state statute as emergency ballots.

The next meeting of the board is scheduled for October 3.

Also, a reminder that tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day, and the Stephens County Election office is joining the country in urging citizens to register to vote.

Stephens County Election Supervisor Bruce Carlisle said the easiest way for residents to register is online on the My Voter Page of the Secretary of State’s Office.

In addition, voter registration forms are available at a number of places in the community, including the Georgia Department of Driver Services at 62 E Doyle Street in Toccoa and at the Stephens County Elections Office in the Historic Courthouse in Toccoa. 

Carlisle said that those 17.5 years of age or older can register to vote in order to complete the registration process so that they can cast their first vote once they turn 18, and urged all residents to take advantage of their chance to be heard in the voting process.

He also asked residents to check their MVP on the Secretary of State’s website to make sure all their information is correct.  He explained that anyone that has registered to vote in Georgia, regardless of where or when they registered, will have a MVP  page on the SOS system.

You can contact the Stephens County Election office at 706-886-8954.


Stephens County Municipal Elections Schedule (tentative)

October 10 – Deadline for voter registration/change of address for November 7 election. Deadline for candidates to designate poll watchers for advance voting period.

October 11 & 12 – Logic and Accuracy Testing of voting apparatus.

October 16 – First day of early voting; first day to mail absentee ballots.

October 27 – Last day to submit absentee ballot application.

October 28 – Mandatory Saturday voting

November 2 – Deadline for candidates to designate poll watchers for election day; Deadline for preparation of elector’s list.

November 6 at 5:30 p.m. – Board of Elections meeting to early-process absentee ballots

November 7 at 8 a.m. – Board of Elections to convene meeting that will recess and reconvene if there is an issue during election day that requires board action.

November 7 at 7 p.m. – Board of Elections to oversee processing of elections results, vote adjudication panel, etc.

November 8 – Provisional ballot forms due by 9 a.m.

November 13 at 5:30 p.m. – Board of Elections meeting to address provisional and UOCAVA ballots, tabulate final results computation and canvassing, and certify election.