CMC awards employees with $1000 bonus

Local manufacturer CMC awarded each employee who completed a full year in 2017 with a one-time bonus of $1,000 last week following the passage of new tax legislation.

The bonus amounts were based on a person’s length of service in 2017.

Employees who were hired in June 2017 were awarded $500.

CMC joins the growing list of corporations taking advantage of the increasing optimism for America’s manufacturing climate.

CMC President Mathew Marty told WNEG News about the business’ recent generosity.

“We wanted to do that because of the change in the view our county is facing with manufacturing. It seems that the President wants to promote manufacturing; rather than, make it worse. We think that changes in taxes and tax law all have positives, and we wanted to get in the front by sharing it with our employees,” Marty said.

Marty also added that CMC’s main goal is to help its employees.

Stephens County Board of Commissioners Chairman Michelle Ivester told WNEG News how proud she is of CMC.

“This is monumental for this Stephens County business. This money will most likely be spent right here in our county. It’s a win win for all of us as citizens when a company steps up and honors their employees with the rewards they will receive from Trump’s new tax legislation. Congrats to this wonderful company on doing this for their employees and we are honored to have them as part of our community,” Ivester said.

Toccoa Mayor David Austin also provided that the effort made by CMC is very positive.

“Everyday we hear of businesses across the nation giving their employees $1000 bonuses.  How great to see that happening right here in Toccoa at CMC!  Being a progressive company and having had a successful year in sales they rewarded their employees with a $1000 bonus this week.  They are to be commended for their action and I thank them for being a vital part of our business community,” Austin added.

CMC of Georgia, Inc. is headquartered in Stephens County and is both an OEM supplier and a custom metal fabricator.

They provide fabricated metal parts and assemblies from small to large, and simple to complex.

Their products range from operator cabs found on overhead cranes to the cabs found on deicer vehicles at airports such as Harsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport.

CMC consolidated their Chicago plant and moved to Toccoa in 2007.