Band of Brothers Actors Earn Their Jump Wings At Camp Toccoa

  It is not hard, in this community that places so much value and emphasis on history, to imagine Toccoa as it was 80 years ago, as members of the 101st Airborne Division’s Parachute Infantry Divisions training at Camp Toccoa prepared for missions that would change the course of history.

There are many in this community who have walked through the Currahee Military Museum, who have, more recently, taken advantage of the extensive renovation and commemoration efforts at Camp Toccoa, learning of the unique history of Toccoa/Stephens County and its place in the legacy of the Easy Company and the Screaming Eagles.

There are even more, both here in this community, nationwide, and even worldwide, that became familiar with this community, and specifically Camp Toccoa, through the HBO Miniseries Band of Brothers. 

This past weekend, many in Toccoa/Stephens County took note of a large military-looking aircraft flying low over the town, taking off and landing at LeTourneau Field, but many were not aware that, for nearly a week, that aircraft carried cast members from Band of Brothers, along with members of the not-for-profit veterans organization All Airborne Battalion, or AAB, who had been preparing to travel to France this coming June to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day, including a commemorative jump into the Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy.  

That plane that many saw, known as Placid Lassie, is an authentic 1943 Douglas C-47 that took part in the June 6, 1944 invasion of Normandy and flew resupply missions into France in support of the 101st Airborne in the days that followed. And inside that historic aircraft this past week, dedicated actors earned their jump wings, going through training just like those they portrayed, and even staying in the barracks at Camp Toccoa. 

On Saturday, WNEG News visited Camp Toccoa to chat with All Airborne Battalion president Darren Cinatl about the mission, the actors, and their time at Camp Toccoa.

As AAB members and the Band of Brother actors prepared to make the legendary three-mile-up, three-mile-down run to the top of Currahee Mountain, Cinatl told WNEG News about the idea to bring airborne training back to Camp Toccoa with eight actors from the Band of Brothers miniseries. 

He explained that the actors had been staying in the Barracks at Camp Toccoa during their training, and gave details on the barracks. 

Although the members of the Currahee To Normandy mission were immersing themselves in the Currahee and Camp Toccoa experience, Cinatl acknowledged that it is not quite the same as what the original members of Easy Company experienced, but said the actors had been learning a lot of the history behind the characters they portrayed.

He described the efforts each of the actors was going through, not just to learn the history, but to earn their jump wings, and the part AAB plays in that training.

He talked about how dedicated the actors are to the roles they play and the spirit behind the Currahee to Normandy mission.

He stressed how important it is to preserve this historical legacy as the members of the greatest generation pass on. 

Cinatl explained that there is a documentary being prepared following the training and jump in Normandy, and a plan for the actors and AAB members to return to Toccoa for Currahee Military Weekend later this year, where they are planning a premier showing of the documentary. 

For more information, visit, or search for ‘Currahee To Normandy’ and ‘All Airborne Battalion’ on social media.