24 student nurses at TFC celebrated with Coating Ceremony

Toccoa Falls College’s Fetterman School of Nursing recently held its third annual Coating Ceremony for the group of 24 nursing students who are beginning the clinical component of their nursing education.

According to TFC Director of Marketing and Communications Tracy Wiegman, the Coating Ceremony is a milestone in the life a junior nursing student. She says these students are transitioning from a solely classroom/lab-based studies to a combination of classroom and clinical experiences.

During the ceremony, those clinical experiences were represented by the white coat, Nightingale lamp, and Nightingale oath, all significant elements in nursing practice.

The white coat conveys a powerful message that engenders trust in the competencies and intentions of those who wear it.

By accepting the white coat, the students are making a commitment to practice nursing with a sense of duty, treating the sick with compassion and selflessly serving the needs of patients who have placed their trust in them.

Wiegman says there were over 150 family members, friends, and guests who took part in the festivities at TFC.

The evening’s keynote address was delivered by Stephens County Hospital’s Director of Nursing Faye Taylor.

In total, 24 nursing students were presented with their white coat and Nightingale Lamp.

The ceremony was concluded with the student reciting the Nightingale oath.

For additional information regarding the recent Coating Ceremony or TFC and the Fetterman School of Nursing visit tfc.edu.