2 arrested after brief ATV chase

With the recent string of thefts, investigators, with the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office, were able to apprehend two suspects while following up on an unrelated incident.

According to Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley, while investigating a number of thefts in the area of Oak Valley Road, his investigators passed an ATV with three people riding down the middle of Harbert Valley Road.

Shirley told WNEG News that the three were not wearing helmets and they were traveling on a main road.

“Our investigators attempted to conduct a stop to talk with the three individuals. When the investigators caught back up to the ATV, one of the individuals, at some point, had jumped off. When the driver realized they were behind him, he accelerated down a trail near a wooded area,” Shirley said.

According to Shirley, investigators later identified the driver of the ATV as Kevin Daniel Kelly, 32, of Toccoa, after he crashed into an embankment.

“He then turned around and accelerated toward what appeared to be a clearing, and, what we believe to be, not knowing there was a large creek concealed by heavy underbrush, came to a stop with it crashed into the embankment dug out by the creek and threw them off,” Shirley said.

Both Kelly and Natoshi Gaston, 29, of Seneca, South Carolina, were thrown from the ATV.

Shirley said that when his investigators moved in on foot to apprehend Kelly, the suspect began throwing several items down into the creek; however, after both Kelly and Gaston were apprehended, investigators were able to retrieve those items.

“Once the suspects were taken into custody these items were retrieved and identified as several knives, two loaded handguns and approximately one ounce of methamphetamine, all of which were recovered as evidence,” he said.

After being treated at Stephens County Hospital, they were both transported to the Stephens County Jail.

Kelly is charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm during the commission of certain felonies, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and probation violation.

Gaston had multiple warrants out of South Carolina and was later released from the Stephens County Jail to authorities from South Carolina.