Work Begins to Decide Who is Eligible to Vote in Third HD28 Special Election

Registrars and Boards of Elections in House District 28 are working to come up with lists of eligible voters in each county for the April 9th Special Election between Republicans Dan Gasaway and Chris Erwin.

In his written ruling issued last Friday, Superior Court Judge David Sweat spelled out guidelines for how this third election should be carried out in order to avoid any more issues with improper or illegal voting.

The Judge ordered all three Registrar offices in Stephens, Banks, and Habersham counties to create an Electors List, containing the names of registered voters in their counties who will be allowed to vote in April.

Judge Sweat that list must include:

  • All voters that were or should have been eligible to vote in the May 22, 2018 House District 28 General Primary,
  • Voters who did not request a Democratic ballot in the May 22, General Primary, and,
  • Voters, who did not become ineligible to vote in the House District 28 in the 2018 November General Election.

Judge Sweat said those lists must then be sent to Candidates Gasaway and Erwin for their approval no later than March 1 at 5p.

The candidates will then have until March 6 at 5p to file any and all objections to the Electors lists.

Following that, the Boards of Elections and Registrars in all three counties have until March 11 to meet to consider and decide upon any objection to the Elector list.

The Judge ruled that any voter for whom an objection is raised that is included in the Approved Eligible Electors List shall be permitted to submit a provisional ballot and their eligibility shall be examined in accordance with the Georgia Election Code.

So far, the dates for when early and absentee voting will begin have not been announced by the Secretary of State’s office.