Toccoa Police Chief reminds motorists about crosswalks, handicapped parking, and Fire Lanes

The Toccoa Police Department is reminding motorist to be mindful of crosswalks and handicapped parking and Fire Lanes.

According to Toccoa Police Chief Jimmy Mize, in recent months, the Toccoa Police Department has received several complaints regarding handicapped parking and fire lanes throughout the city.

Mize says handicapped parking is for people with marked license plates or hanging placards only.

He adds that fire lanes are for emergency vehicles only.

Officers will be issuing citations in the future for parking in these areas.

Additionally, Mize says citizens need to be more aware of crosswalks.

He says don’t wait until you see someone in the middle of a crosswalk to stop, but to be alert at all crosswalks with pedestrians preparing to enter.

Law states that you must wait until the pedestrian is completely out of the crosswalk before continuing.

Mize says in the coming weeks, Toccoa will get busier due to the holidays and events taking place, so motorist need to remember “safety first.”

Lastly, Mize says as the holiday shopping approaches, pay attention to your surroundings, lock your vehicles, and place your keys in a safe place.

Several key sets have been turned in to the Toccoa Police Department recently, but Mize says they have no way of contacting the owners.

He also encourages women to keep up with their purses and to make sure they close well so that someone can’t slip by and remove their wallet.