TCC fines two businesses $650 for selling alcohol to minors

Two Toccoa businesses received a $650 fine after the Georgia Divison of Alcohol and Tobacco made two arrests for sales of alcohol to a minor.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse told the Toccoa City Commission that the Alcohol Beverage Control Board recommended the Commission fine the two businesses $500 and suspend their licenses for 15 days.

“On December 23, 2019 the Georgia Division of Alcohol and Tobacco made two arrests for sell of alcohol to a minor, one location was Ingles Market, on Big A Road, and the other was American Eagle 1, also on Big A Road,” he said. “The Alcohol Beverage Control Board met on Jan 6 and after review the arrest documents and meeting with resident managers, recommend a fine from each of $500 and a license suspension of 15 days effective January 14.”

Commissioner Jeanette Jamieson told the board that she felt the punishment was too harsh, especially for their first offense.

“I’ve got a concern about this. I realize that no one wants alcohol to be sold to minors, I also realize that the real failure here was not in asking for ID,” she said. “I’m concerned about the number of days; I think it’s a little bit much. I would feel much more comfortable if we increased the fine to $650 and had no days on the first offense, and come back if they have a second offense then we slap them real hard with a so many day suspension.”

Commissioner Gail Fry agreed with Jamieson, saying the manager’s at Ingles can’t monitor every customer that comes through.

Mayor Terry Carter accepted Jamieson’s recommendation as a motion, with Fry seconding the motion.

The motion was approved unanimously.