TCC considers complimentary alcoholic beverages ordinance

During last night’s Toccoa City Commission meeting, the commissioners passed a first reading on the consideration of a complimentary alcoholic beverages ordinance.

The ordinance, as it currently is written, would require businesses who offer complimentary alcoholic beverages to pay a $500 license fee.

Not only does the business have to be licensed they also are prohibited from providing complimentary alcoholic beverages to anyone while a minor is on the property of the business.

Commissioner Gail Fry presented before her fellow commissioners the option to revisit the ordinance once some of the questions that local business owners had approached her with were answered.

Commissioner Terry Carter recommended that the commissioners utilize this meeting as the first reading of the proposed ordinance; however, under the stipulation that the second reading would be held once the commission had a thorough understanding of the ordinance.

Mayor Jeanette Jamieson agreed that the ordinance would be further explored to correct some of the issues that business owners expressed during the meeting.

The motion passed unanimously for the first reading; with the requirement that the commissioners would meet with the Alcohol Beverage Control board prior to the Nov. 27th meeting.