Stephens County Registrar explains reasoning behind using poll workers for recent audit

Stephens County Registrar Eureka Gober has announced that her office didn’t violate any guidelines by using poll workers to complete the recent audit of the November 3rd Election.

As WNEG News reported on Wednesday, Georgia GOP Monitor for Stephens County Rebeckah Bennett said the audit should have been completed using volunteers representing the Democratic and Republican Parties.

However, Gober says the Secretary of State’s Office allows for poll workers to complete an audit.

“I had an option of who to use, and I chose my poll workers, because I know them, and I trust them. They have been here as long as I have or longer. That’s why I used poll workers and it was a normal thing to do. We had an audit,” Gober said. “There was nothing done illegally, as some people are saying, but that is not true. So, the bottom line is, yes, I used poll workers, they are being paid to do this. If I were to use someone else, they would have to go through a procedure as far as getting paid to do this, and I didn’t want to do that. These people are already on my payroll and I wanted to use them, they do a good job.”

When asked about the other violations that Bennett claimed, Gober said at this time she would not comment further on those allegations.

WNEG News will continue to follow this story and bring you additional details as they become available.