Stephens County Elections Office gearing up for Voter Registration Month in April

April is voter registration month in Georgia and to celebrate, Stephens County Elections Office has planned a day to encourage students at Stephens County High School to register to vote.

Stephens County Election Supervisor Bruce Carlisle says on Wednesday, April 12, his office will be at the high school to register students to vote.

He says they must be 17-1/2-years-old to register and have a government id.

“April is ‘get out to register to vote month’ in Georgia and we will be participating as much as possible. We will be going to the high school on April 12th, to register eligible students. In Georgia, 17-1/2-year-olds are eligible to register to vote—you don’t have to be 18. So, we’ll be at the high school for a two-hour period that day, during their lunch break, to get them registered to vote,” he said.

He says they’ll also be recruiting poll workers amongst the highschoolers.

“Also, while we’re there, we’ll be recruiting poll workers. In Georgia, poll workers can participate starting at the age of 16. We just felt like this would be a good opportunity for the students to get involved, those who are interested in it,” he said.

Carlisle says their need for poll workers isn’t just high school students but also community members who are interested in the democratic process.

He says many people have a lot of questions regarding how elections work and becoming a poll worker can answer those questions.

If you haven’t voted in recent elections, Carlisle says you can log onto the My Voter Page on the Secretary of States Website at to have your registration reinstated.

For questions regarding registering to vote or how to become a poll worker contact the elections office by calling 706-886-8954.