Stephens County Commissioners exchange Amnesty Day event with Scrap Tire Abatement Event

The Stephens County Board of Commissioners have decided to exchange the county’s annual Spring Amnesty Day event with something a little different.

During the recent Stephens County Board of Commissioners meeting, the board voted and approved a motion to hold a Scrap Tire Abatement Event in place of the annual Amnesty Day event.

According to Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers, the change comes after a substantial increase in tires being dumped across Stephens County.

She says the county’s tire abatement event can only be held at an Environmental Protection Division (EPD) approved location.

Stephens County does not operate any EPD approved sites; however, Ayers says there is a solution.

“We do not have an EPD approved tire disposal site, but, Carter’s Royal Dispose All is willing to take the scrap tires to be processed for us.”

Vice Chair Dennis Bell told his fellow commissioners that residents would see a decline in mosquitos after the scrap tires have been removed.

Chairman Dean Scarborough expressed concerns that the County’s expense would be too high if a limit was not put in place.

The board voted and approved to limit the total number of tires accepted to 3,000 tires with each resident limited to 5 tires.

A date has yet to be decided on.