Stephens County Clerk of Court Warns of Jury Scam

Stephens County Clerk of Court Tim Quick is warning citizens about a jury scam.

Quick says scammers, posing as law enforcement, have been calling citizens telling them they missed jury duty and have to pay a fine or face being arrested.

“We do not call people if they have missed court,” Quick said. “We actually would send an officer to come get them. And we certainly do not solicit money over the phone, ever.”

According to, the scammer contacts citizens either by phone or with an official-looking email.

Scammers will ask for personal information in order to gain access to your bank accounts or social security number.

This scam has been circulating around our area for some time, but there’s been a resurgence in recent months.

According to Quick, the Stephens County Clerk of Court’s office will never call and ask for money over the phone.

Quick says while it is illegal to miss jury duty, there is a procedure in place if you are called for jury duty and do not show up.

“If you missed jury duty, we would send you something (in the mail) by the Sheriff’s department and we would let you come and explain to the judge why you missed jury duty,” Quick explained. “That’s very rare. Most people her ein Stephens County show up for jury duty like they’re supposed to. The one thing we would never arrest somebody without much, much notice being given.”

Quick advises that if you do receive a call or email saying you missed jury duty and asking for money, just hang up.

You can also contact the Clerk of Court’s office to report the fraudulent phone call.