Sheriff says ‘pipe bomb’ report was a false alarm

Pictured is the piece of pipe that was reported to law enforcement as a ‘pipe bomb;’ however, shortly after arriving on scene, investigators determined the piece was not an explosive device.

After investigating a suspicious pipe, resembling a pipe bomb, at a residence on Highway 123, Stephens County Sheriff says it was a false alarm.

Law enforcement temporarily shut down a portion of Highway-123, between North Red Rock and Lake Louise roads, and redirected motorists while the pipe was examined.

According to Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley, his deputies were dispatched Thursday morning after the homeowner called and reported an item that he believed to be a pipe bomb in his driveway.

Upon arrival, deputies instructed dispatch to request Shiloh Fire Department be on standby while the scene was being investigated.

Shirley says it wasn’t long before officials with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation were able to rule out the threat of the pipe being an explosive device.

At this time, the portion of Highway-123 that was closed to motorists has been reopened.