SCBC yet to set dates for public hearings on proposed Land Use Ordinances Amendments

The Stephens County Board of Commissioners has yet to set the dates for the two public hearings to discuss the proposed changes to the Land Use Ordinances.

As WNEG News previously reported, in April, County Administrator Phyllis Ayers presented the proposed changes during the board’s meeting.

At that meeting, Ayers explained that over the course of several months, the county had been discussing making changes to the Land Use Ordinances.

She said there were 20 changes that had been recommended during those meetings.

Ayers told the Commission that County Attorney Brian Ranck would have to check the legality of some of the proposed changes.

She stressed that the commission would have to schedule two public hearings prior to adopting the changes. Ayers then read the list of proposed text amendments.

  1. Less than 1 acre in RS no farm animals.
  2. More than 1 acre in RS with no covenants and not an established subdivision can have farm animals. This will be as farm animals is defined in section 201 unless specific farm animals are named.
  3. Fencing for farm animals and setbacks in RS.
  4. Remove the requirement for a conditional use permit for poultry houses as long as they meet all district requirements in Section 502 6 and move that to a permitted use to Section 501 2.
  5. Section 402 5 is a duplicate of 402 4 and should be removed.
  6. Move the more intensive uses of Section 402 1 to conditional use or restrict to a certain minimum acreage.
  7. Add personal use gardens, orchards, apiaries to Section 801 as a permitted use.
  8. Section 1409 8 excluded for agriculture districts.
  9. Add show stock to Section 802 and define show stock.
  10. Discrepancy between minimum lot area in Section 923 and 924.
  11. Change the title of Section 924 to Minimum Acreage.
  12. Add maximum stay length to Travel Trailer Park.
  13. Internet sales as a permitted use in section 801.
  14. Remove “feed lots” in Section 402 and anything else that is not appropriate for AR.
  15. Define “feed lot.”
  16. Setbacks listed from state highways excessive in commercial and change measure from center of roadway instead of edge of right of way in Definitions of “Setback Front.”
  17. Allow accessory building to be constructed prior to the principal building in Section 1409.
  18. Add language that properties are subject to compliance with all other county codes and ordinances where not in conflict with this section.
  19. Planning Commission to have more final approval authority.
  20. Some variances approved by Planning Director.

Again, the Stephens County Board of Commissioners has yet to schedule its two public hearings for the proposed land use ordinances text amendments.

WNEG News will announce the dates once they have been set.