SCBC plan tire abatement event and right-of-way cleanup

Stephens County officials are gearing up for a tire abatement event.

During the recent Stephens County Board of Commissioners meeting, the board authorized County Administrator Phyllis Ayers to sign a letter and application for reimbursement of a tire amnesty event along with a tire right-of-way cleanup with the EPD.

According to Ayers reimbursement is not guaranteed; however, the county must submit its application to be considered for reimbursement.

“It is first come first serve, so we’re not completely guaranteed that we’ll get reimbursed. There are so many hoops that EPD wants us to jump through, so we want to make sure we have done everything exactly right so that we do get reimbursed,” Ayers said.

As of right now, the Tire Abatement Event will be held on Saturday, November 2.

Ayers told the board that there are some restrictions that must be followed for the county to receive reimbursement for the event.

“The first letter is for an Amnesty Event, and that date is November 2nd. And that is a maximum of 1,000 passenger tires,” she said. “There is a process. Quality Tire Recycling will be the one that handles this. They have a permit number to bring a trailer on our site. Because we’re not actually permitted to put them on our field either. They do these all over the state of Georgia and they are really good at getting reimbursed.”

Ayers added that the abatement event is only open to citizens.

“The other thing to note is Keep Toccoa-Stephens County Beautiful picked the number of four tires per person to be gotten rid of and its only open to citizens. It’s not open to commercial businesses,” she said.

Once the 1,000-tire limit is met, no other tires will be accepted from citizens.

Ayers says the right-of-way cleanup will allow the county to dispose of 1,800 passenger tires and 200 truck tires removed from the sides of county roads.

“So, the second application is right-of-way cleanup, and again this will be with Quality Tire Recycling. This will include 1,800 maximum passenger tires and 200 truck tires. You’ll see that estimated cleanup is $11,392 and the other amnesty cleanup will be $4,000,” she said.

WNEG News will continue to follow this story and bring you additional details as they are released.