SCBC holds first reading and public hearing for proposed FY23 budget

The Stephens County Board of Commissioners held the first reading and public hearing for the proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget during its regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday.

County Administrator Phyllis Ayers provided a brief summary of the proposed budget.

Ayers says the millage rate will remain the same at 14.76.

“In the general fund the millage rate remains the same 14.76 with the value of a mil projected at $676,500 which is an 8 percent increase in the digest,” she said.

Ayers noted that originally the commission had planned for a 2 percent pay increase for all employees; but added that they have now decided to increase that to 4 percent.

“This particular budget has a pay increase of 2 percent for all employees. I’ll stop right there because after we left the budget workshop, I went back to give you all some information, I picked five ranges of employees with a 2 percent pay increase and a 24 percent increase in health insurance and that would have our employees working at a pay cut next year. Some of the pay cuts were anywhere from $3,700 a year to $1,500. We all know that we’re in a time where you don’t have to work for a pay cut. You can drive to another county; you can drive to work for another business. So, we went back offsite yesterday and spent most of the morning working on it and walked away with an agreement to add 2 percent more. So, we will end up with 4 percent for all employees and covering 100 percent of the insurance increase,” she said.

The commission will hold the second reading and public hearing for the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget during its next meeting on June 28.