Rickman Grateful to the People of Stephens County

A day removed from the Republican Primary Runoff Election the newly elected Stephens County Commissioner in Post 4 Chris Rickman expressed gratitude to the voters in Stephens County. “I just want to thank all of the citizens of Stephens County. It has been an awesome experience. It has been really encouraging and engaging with the folks of Stephens County and I look forward to working with them in the future to try to get some things accomplished to help make a brighter future for Stephens County.”

Rickman defeated the incumbent James Addison receiving a total of 937 votes to Addison’s 756.

WNEG News asked Rickman what his plans are between now and January 1st. “I want to lean on the tax commissioner and get some insight on what they have been working on. The plans they have put in place and do my research to make sure that I am prepared when I take office in January, and make sure I do the best job possible for the people of Stephens County.”

Rickman will join Chuck Wright, who ran unopposed for Post 5, and the winner of the November General Election pitting Republican Tara Simmons, Democrat Kathy Pauly, and Libertarian Craig Oglesby, to form three new seats on the Commission.