Reward Offered for Dog Missing After Teen Was Found Dead at Watsadler Park

Caleb ran away days after family member was found dead at Watsadler Park

A reward is being offered for the return of the dog belonging to the family of a teenage girl found dead in Watsadler Park campground in Hartwell last month.

Hart County Animal Rescue president Judy Partain says the dog, went missing several days after the 16-year old girl was found dead at the campground across from the family’s home on McMullin Road.

“The family (of the dead teen) came from South Carolina for the funeral. When they were ready to leave to go back home, they let the little dog out to potty and he got away from them,” Partain said. “The dog is microchipped, neutered, and the family is very upset.”

Partain said the family stayed another two days hoping to find the dog, and Partain’s group also helped search the woods around the house.

Partain said the dog was wearing its collar with tags and a leash when it went missing.

After searching for two more days, she said the family had to return to Columbia, SC and her group isĀ  continuing to search and ask for the public’s help.

The dog is described as a brown and white colored, long-haired Dachshund mix named Caleb.

He is 7yrs old, neutered, and microchipped,

Anyone with information on the dog’s whereabouts is asked to contact Partain at: 706-436-3476.