Replacements Scheduled Over I-85 in Franklin, Banks, and Jackson Counties

It’s the start of the Georgia Department of Transportation’s summer construction season and this month work will begin in Franklin and Jackson counties to replace a number of aging bridges over I-85.

Three bridges in Franklin County and one on the Franklin/Banks County line are scheduled to be replaced.

Work will begin this month and that could cause motorists some traffic delays on I-85 as well as on and off-ramp closures or detours.

Crews will be replacing the bridges with wider bridges that will also include safety shoulders.

The Franklin County bridges over I-85 to be replaced include bridges on Brown Road, Old Stagecoach Road, and Cedar Ridge Road, and Neal Road on the Franklin/Banks County line.

The fourth bridge, on Plainview Road in Jackson County will also be replaced.

This month, the Old Stagecoach Road bridge in Franklin County and the Plainview Road bridge in Jackson County will be closed to traffic on June 11th.

The Neal Road bridge on the Franklin/Banks County line will close July 16th.

Two additional bridges over I-85, Cedar Ridge Road and Brown Road in Franklin county, are also scheduled to be replaced in early 2019.

GDOT spokesperson Katie Strickland said the closures will last a maximum of 180 days, and will have clearly marked detours routes.

Strickland said all of the bridges over 85 that have been in service for the over 55 years will be replaced in order to enhance safety.

To get the latest on traffic or construction issues on 85, you can access G-DOT’s 511 app or the Waze app or go to the G-DOT Facebook page for Northeast Georgia.

The bridge replacement project was awarded to Georgia Bridge and Concrete, LLC of Tucker, Georgia.