Region-8 All Region Football Team Announced

The 2018 All-Region Football Team for Region-8 AAAA has been announced and Stephens County placed five players on the 1st team and nine overall.

Three Indian players made the 1st team offense: running back Hudson Spurlock and lineman Jackson Dean, both juniors, and sophomore wide receiver Gamarion Carter.

Two seniors made the 1st team defense: tackle Garrison Walker and linebacker Charles Cochran.

Four Indian players made the all-region 2nd team: senior running back Kamon Taylor and junior running back M.J. Jones were joined by senior center Mike Seay on the offense. Victor Nicely, a senior defensive tackle, earned 2nd team defense honors.

Zach Ranson of St. Pius was named region player of the year, St. Pius quarterback Connor Egan was named offensive player of the year, and North Oconeeā€™s linebacker J.T. Dukes was named defensive player of the year.


Player of the year: DB Zach Ranson, St. Pius, Sr.
Offensive player of the year: QB Connor Egan, St. Pius, Sr.
Defensive player of the year: LB J.T. Dukes, North Oconee, Sr.

First-team offense
QB – Kaleb Sherrer, North Oconee, Sr.
RB – DeMarcus Mitchell, St. Pius, Sr.
RB – Ryan Coates, North Oconee, Sr.
RB – Hudson Spurlock, Stephens County, Jr.
RB – Michael Benefield, St. Pius, Sr.
WR – Kyle Sherrer, North Oconee, Sr.
WR – Gamarion Carter, Stephens County, So.
WR – Traveon Latimore, Madison County, Sr.
WR – Garrett Paxson, North Oconee, Sr.
TE – Chris Miller, St. Pius, Sr.
OL – Cole Johnson, Oconee County, Jr.
OL – Connor Brown, St. Pius, Sr.
OL – Jackson Dean, Stephens County, Jr.
OL – Caleb Jones, North Oconee, Sr.
OL – Steven Hudson, St. Pius, Sr.
OL – Ethan Cummings, Oconee County, Sr.
PK – Nolan Aldrich, St. Pius, Sr.

First-team defense
DT – Dareon Goodrum, Oconee County, Sr.
DT – Garrison Walker, Stephens County, Sr.
DT – John McKimmy, St. Pius, Jr.
DT – Houston Ripley, North Oconee, Sr.
DT – Zach Snell, Oconee County, Sr.
DT – Sam Shurtleff, Oconee County, Sr.
DT – Mathew Conley, North Oconee, Sr.
DT – William Kibler, St. Pius, Sr.
DT – Silas McCrary, Madison County, Sr.
LB – Anthony Bethea, Oconee County, Sr.
LB – Myles Petway, Oconee County, Sr.
LB – Woody Barks, North Oconee, Jr.
LB – Adam Weynand, North Oconee, Jr.
LB – Patrick Molnar, St. Pius, Sr.
LB – Adam Metts, Madison County, Jr.
LB – Charles Cochran, Stephens County, Sr.
DB – Colby Smith, Madison County, Jr.
DB – Jason Jones, St. Pius, Sr.
DB – Andre Witt, Oconee County, Sr.
DB – West Weeks, Oconee County, So.
P – David Chapeau, North Oconee, Sr.
SP – Jacob Pajer, St. Pius, Jr.

Second-team offense
QB – Max Johnson, Oconee County, Jr.
RB – Kamon Taylor, Stephens County, Sr.
RB – Jimmy Boswell, Oconee County, Jr.
RB – M.J. Jones, Stephens County, Jr.
WR – D.J. DeFabio, North Oconee, Sr.
WR – Jaylen Sims, Madison County, Sr.
WR – Kale Anderson, Madison County, Jr.
WR – Gavin McElroy, St. Pius, Sr.
TE – Jackson Manders, Oconee County, Sr.
OL – Will Albright, North Oconee, Jr.
OL – Joseph Miller, St. Pius, Jr.
OL – Nick Saunders, Oconee County, Jr.
OL – Mike Seay, Stephens County, Sr.
OL – Ryan Carney, St. Pius, Sr.
OL – Trent Gavron, St. Pius, Sr.
PK – Thomas Dowis, North Oconee, Jr.

Second-team defense
DT – Victor Nicely, Stephens County, Sr.
DT – Camden Wooden, St. Pius, So.
DT – Jayden Casey, Oconee County, Jr.
DT – Scotty Wirth, North Oconee, Jr.
DE – Lawson Schultz, St. Pius, Jr.
DE – Harrison Kirkland, Madison County, Jr.
LB – Sam Schwaner, St. Pius, Sr.
LB – Sam Granelli, St. Pius, Sr.
LB – Coby Pickett, Oconee County, Sr.
LB – Stan Lacksen, North Oconee, Jr.
DB – Mason Vanderford, North Oconee, Sr.
DB – Jack Butler, North Oconee, So.
DB – Nick Joiner, St. Pius, Jr.
DB – Adams Echols, Madison County, Jr.
P – Will Possert, St. Pius, Sr.
SP – Willie Gaines, Madison County, Jr.