First Public Reading of Toccoa’s Proposed FY2020 Budget Approved

The first of two readings and public hearings is now over and one more will be held this month before the Toccoa City Commission votes to pass the Fiscal 2020 Toccoa City Budget.

At their regular meeting Monday night, City attorney John Dickerson called for the first reading of the budget.  Toccoa’s proposed FY2020 budget is just over $34.5 million.

Toccoa City Finance Director Becky Bohannon went over the proposed budget breakdown.

“The General fund is proposed at $10,580,902; the Water/Wastewater fund, $7,045,971; the Natural Gas fund, $11,365,513; Solid Waste Fund, $1,154,622; Lake Toccoa facility, $592,554. That is a total operating fund budget of $30,739,562,” she said.

Also budgeted in for Fiscal 2020 are Reserve funds and Special Revenue funds.

“Also we have some Reserve funds budgeted at $676,940 and Special Revenue Funds budgeted at $3,108,494,” she said. “The total Fiscal 2020 budget for all funds is $34,524,996.”

After hearing from Bohannon, the Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the first reading of the FY2020 budget.

No one attending the meeting Monday evening spoke up about the proposed budget, even though there’s a 4% increase over this year’s budget.  Toccoa’s proposed FY2020 budget is $34,524,996.

City Manager Billy Morse noted, however the increase will cover at least one large purchase and some other projects, but it should not hit residents in the pocketbook.

“I think it’s important to note that the majority of that increase is that we have budgeted for a new fire truck,” he said. “That is $750,000 for a new, fully equipped fire truck. So that’s  a big part of the increase, but I think it’s also important to note that there are no millage rate increases proposed and no utility rate increases proposed either.”

If you missed the first public hearing Monday night, a second one is coming up next Monday evening, May 20, at 5p during the second Toccoa City Commission meeting of the month.

You can also go online to the City of Toccoa Web site to view the proposed FY2020 budget.
Toccoa’s fiscal year begins July 1.

According to Georgia law, City Commissioners must vote to approve the new fiscal budget by June 30.