Latest Report Has Stephens with 32 Covid-19 Related Deaths

The Georgia Department of Public Health is now reporting 32 COVID-19 related deaths in Stephens County.

DPH is now reporting 933 positive cases of COVID-19 in Stephens County since the beginning of the global pandemic.

The latest report was released Tuesday afternoon.

DPH is now reporting Habersham County with a total of 64 deaths, and now 1,464 total positive cases of the virus.

Locally, Stephens County Hospital and its facilities have administered 4,975 COVID-19 tests.

Of those, 982 tests have come back positive with 780 patients receiving positive results, 3,966 received negative results, and 27 individuals are still awaiting their results.

Stephens County Hospital Chief Executive Officer Mike Hester says the hospital currently has two patients hospitalized with confirmed cases of COVID-19, and two others hospitalized awaiting results.

In other neighboring counties,  Franklin County has had 675 cases and 11 deaths, Rabun County has a total of 309 cases and 7 deaths, Hart County has had 467 cases and 11 deaths, and Banks County has a total of 445 cases and 6 deaths.

Across the state of Georgia, the Department of Public Health is reporting a total of 298,833 cases, of those, 26,665 have been hospitalized and 6,398 have died from complications of the virus.