Juvenile charged with terroristic threats targeting SCHS

According to Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley, on November 6th, 2017 the Stephens Count High School administration was contacted by a Principal from a school located in Spencer, Massachusetts.

The principal stated that a student at their school received a text message from a student at Stephens County High School containing a threat toward Stephens County High School.
High School Administrators immediately contacted the high school’s School Resource Deputy.

The sheriff’s office sent two investigators who began an investigation into the incident.

Investigators, the school resource Deputy and the High School Administration were able to determine that the threat made by the student was “not credible”.
Through interviewing the student and searching the student’s home and personal property, Investigators were able to determine that the threat was factual and did come from the student.

The investigation led deputies to believe that the juvenile student was acting alone, and the student did not have any actual plans nor the ability to complete the threats.
The juvenile student was arrested for terroristic threats, and transported to the Regional Youth Detention Center in Gainesville where the juvenile will be detained pending their appearance in juvenile court.