International Ministry needs local volunteers this weekend

Local international ministry Love Him Love Them is in need of volunteers.

On Saturday, January 23, Love Him Love Them ministry will be loading a shipping container with donated medical supplies to be shipped to Haiti, at the Lake Hartwell Marine at Rocky’s Storage, located at 195 Poplar Springs Road, in Lavonia.

According to Love Him Love Them Ministry Founder Linda Gunter, her organization opened a hospital in Haiti in August, and the supplies will be sent to be used there.

“We’re starting at 10 o’clock at Rocky’s Marina, in Gumlog, Georgia. We have a shipping container that will be set up there and we will be loading three storage units full of medical supplies that have been donated from all over the United States. We are looking for volunteers to get that container loaded and it will drive off and head down to Miami and shipped over to Haiti. It’ll be there in about 2 weeks, and we have a team that is going down that will help unload the medical supplies at our hospital in Haiti and then put them to use,” she said.

She says after opening the hospital, her staff quickly realized the need for an ultra-sound machine; fortunately, she says, someone donated one that will now be shipped in the container being filled on Saturday.

Gunter says that a couple from New York came down during Thanksgiving with donations for the hospital.

She says this is an opportunity for families to volunteer and help out.

“You can bring your family. We have stuff that kids can do. We have stuff that adults can do. We have stuff that really strong men can do. We’ll have a forklift there, and we’ll be palatizing stuff. We also need meticulous women who know how to tape up the boxes. This is our second container that we’re shipping. We need people to weigh the boxes. This is an amazing international mission opportunity right here in Gumlog, Georgia,” she said.

Gunter says Love Him Love Them is a ministry that serves Northeast Georgia but also Haiti.

Again, on Saturday, January 23, at 10 a.m. at the Lake Hartwell Marine at Rocky’s Storage, the Love Him Love Them Ministry is asking for volunteers to come out and help pack a shipping container for a hospital in Haiti.

Gunter says anyone wishing to volunteer can show up the day of the event or can call her at 706-599-7525 or text LHLT to 474747.