Indians Football Update after Workouts

The Stephens County High School football team was allowed by the Georgia High School Association to begin workouts on June 8th and Head Coach Wesley Tankersley says the workouts have gone well. “ We have had great attendance. All of the players that we expected, with the exception of one or two, have been back out so we are real excited about that. Very few missed any of the days that we have had. We worked five days a week for the last three weeks. The first two weeks we started out with groups of 18 players and 2 coaches.”

Tankersley says the coaches were able to do more with the players last week. “We were able to go to groups of 50 so we combined a few of those groups to work with certain coaches. We were able to add the football and get a little bit more football specific in to work on including throwing, catching, and things like that.”

When the GHSA approved student athletes to resume workouts it came with over thirty restrictions that must be followed due to the pandemic. Coach Tankersley says the toughest aspect to enforce is something that comes very natural to the players. “The toughest aspect is social distancing and staying on top of that. They are used to being around each other, they go to each others houses, and things like that, so that is probably the toughest thing.”

Coach Tankersley says that it is wait and see on what the next step will be for workouts. “This week is the GHSA dead week so we cannot work at all. We are scheduled to come back on July 6th. We are not sure yet. We received an email that the GHSA is meeting again this week. We should get more information on if they will allow more team related activities, stay the same, or more restricted.”

As of now, Stephens County is scheduled to participate in a three-team Jamboree at Banks County on August 14th, and the regular season opener is scheduled for August 21st at White County.