Ga. Marking School Bus Safety Week

Georgia is celebrating National School Bus Safety Week this week and schools and others throughout the state are using this week to highlight the importance of school bus safety.

The theme for this week this year is “Bully Free Zone” and is meant to remind students, parents, and motorists of the important role each plays in ensuring that students are protected when on the bus and at the school bus stop.

Officials said one key factor in protecting Georgia’s students when at the bus stop rests with motorists obeying the law and stopping for school buses as students board and exit.

But, officials said that is not enough as students are unpredictable.

Drivers are urged to have an overall heightened safety awareness and expect the unexpected as children wait at bus stops and as they get on and off the school bus.

Stephens County School System Transportation Director Beth McDonald said that motorists have a responsibility to exercise care, be on alert, and obey all laws when near or at a school bus stop.

McDonald said this week is an excellent time to teach and re-iterate to students and parents simple measures they can take while going to and from the bus stop, getting on and off the bus, and riding in the bus.

She said it also gives the school system a chance to thank and honor the professional school bus drivers who devote themselves to transporting children.

Monday was Georgia School Bus Driver Appreciation Day.

According to officials, more than one million students ride the school bus in Georgia twice each day, with more than 26 million school children transported in 480,000 school buses nationwide.