Funeral Services for Stephens Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Scheduled for Tomorrow

Continued prayers are being requested by Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley for the family of a Stephens County Sheriff’s deputy who passed away suddenly on Tuesday.

Shirley said 41-year old Dale Cleveland died Tuesday afternoon while attending Basic Mandate Training at the Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth when he collapsed.

“During the day, he mildly complained about being dizzy, in fact when I spoke with his wife after he passed away, she said that during one of the breaks during the day, when he was talking with her he had said he’d been dizzy most of the day,” said Shirley. “But just didn’t realize it was something going on that serious and not seeking medical attention. Later on that evening, he fell out and when paramedics arrived he was in full cardiac arrest, according to them.”

Cleveland worked as a jail officer at the Stephens County jail and Shirley said he will be missed.

“Dale Cleveland, although a quiet individual, he had his moments,” said Shirley. “He was well spoken and was a very faithful employee. Very punctual and really enjoyed working here. In fact, his co-workers on his shift will be part of the pallbearers during the funeral. This week, my employees and at the jail lowered the flag to half staff and then gathered in a circle and prayed for his family.”

The service honoring Cleveland is this morning at 11 a.m. at Coile-Hall-Spagnoli Funeral Home of Hartwell, followed by graveside service with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard performing a flag ceremony followed by taps.
There is a gofundme account set up to help support Cleveland’s family that can be found on Sheriff Shirley’s Facebook page.