Former Oak Hill Elementary School to be Added to Historical Museum Exhibits

The Stephens County History Museum will be recognizing an historic elementary school at a special dedication next week.

Stephens County History Museum Executive Director Brenda Carlin says a plaque remembering one of the African-American elementary schools, Oak Hill Elementary school, will be dedicated on Thursday, August 15 at the historic train depot.

“Back in the ’50’s there were a lot of new schools built in the area,” she said. “At that time there were a lot of African-American schools in the County. So the County came together and decided to build Oak Hill in order to have a more central location (for black schools).”

Oak Hill, in existence from 1955 to 1967, was the first and last combined all African-American elementary school in Stephens County before integration.

Carlin said the school was located off Whispering Pines Road in Avalon.

She says the Oak Hill Alumni Association has been working for the past year to get the school and its history included in the Stephens County History museum.

“The committee has been working together to compile information. Unfortunately, they were not able to find many photos of the school itself. However, they wanted an exhibit here in the museum, which we wanted and we have a place for it. So, we’re going to have a dedication here at the museum next Thursday, August 15 at 4:30p,” Carlin said.

So far, there isn’t much information about Oak Hill Elementary and Carlin also for anyone has any old photos of Oak Hill Elementary school from back in the day the Historical Society would like to add them to the exhibit.

“So we would like to welcome the community to come out. And if anyone has any more photos of Oak Hill Elementary we’d love to have them. So we will have the dedication and hopefully gather some more information at that time,” she said.

Association members hope you will join us for this event on Thursday, August 15th , at 4:30 PM in the historic depot. Please call 706-282-5055 for more information.