FCS Santitation Loses Bid to Lease City Transfer Station

A trash pick up service in Toccoa will likely not be allowed to use the City’s transfer station for their solid waste disposal.

FCS Sanitation had applied to lease the facility for five years, including doing any repair work that on the transfer station that would be needed.

At their work session Monday, City Manager Billy Morse told the Board of Commissioners that Carters Royal Disposal is already using it.

“At this time we do have an informal agreement with Carter’s Royal Disposal that has worked very well for us,” he said. “They are our primary disposal and hauler. If they are down for any reason, that gives them the option to haul our waste off. So that keeps our waste load moving and that is very important to us.”

Commissioner Jeanette Jamieson objected to the idea of leasing the transfer station to a company that does business in another county.

“We’ve had an understanding with Carter Royal and they are depending on that as a back up if anything happens,” Jamieson said. “We know they are dependable. They have done an excellent job for us. And I see no reason to lease this facility out from out under their use or the City’s use to a group from Franklin County. Surely they have enough demand for their services down there. And I am absolutely opposed to anything that would keep this facility available to Carter Royal, the City, or whatever.”

Jamieson said even though there’s a “gentlemen’s agreement” with Carters Royal to use the transfer station, that agreement could be put in writing.

It was noted that FCS Sanitation is based in Toccoa and operates under the holding company, Toccoa Corporation.  Carters Royal CFO John Starrett said the Toccoa transfer station is vital to their business.

“Out biggest problem with this is that that transfer station is vital for us because it’s our emergency, our backup plan,” he said. “It’s the same for the City of Toccoa. If we go down the City of Toccoa is in a disaster. So, that was my biggest reason for being here so you know where we stand.”

After more discussion, commissioners agreed to continue their three-year contract with Carters Royal and put their gentlemen’s agreement for use of the transfer station in writing.

However, no vote was taken on the matter.