Erwin Ready to Hit the Ground Running After Decisive Victory Tuesday

Chris Erwin, State Representative-Elect for State House District 28, said he is ready to hit the ground running now that he has won a decisive victory in what has to be the longest House District campaign in Georgia history.

Speaking to WNEG News Wednesday morning, Erwin said he is  ready to start work.

“We’re very charged up right now. I’m very happy with the overwhelming support from the community. And then my team in this whole District coming out and going to work trying to get our message across,” he said. “It’s been a long campaign cycle, over a year for us,  and we feel very good that these election results can’t be questioned or disputed. And we’re ready to get out there and get represenation for our District.”

In the third and now final Special Primary for House District 28, Erwin won all three counties in a landslide victory, garnering 75.48% of the vote to Dan Gasaway’s 24.52%.

Erwin had won the second Special Primary re-do in December by just two votes, but was removed from office after only two weeks, right at the start of the 2019 General Assembly, by Senior Superior Court Judge David Sweat.

But Erwin said he has continued to stay informed on the bills and issues discussed and voted on this session and says he will be ready and up to speed when the 2020 session begins next January.

“We tried very hard to stay plugged in. There were a lot of bills put out that weren’t decided. We tried to stay as current as we could from a distance. We missed the discussion that ocurred down there because we weren’t there physically, but we did do the reading and studying so that when we walk in the door this next session we won’t come in completely green to it,” he explained.

In addition to studying current issues, Erwin said he plans to spend a lot of time the rest of the year getting to know his constituents and the issues they’re concerned about.

“We plan to continue to do our homework by talking to the people in the community; what’s important to them and what we need to be doing down there in Atlanta,” Erwin said. “We really enjoy being out in the community and meeting with people and talking. We want to keep that going to see if we can help out and make a difference. So, we plan to be right back at that next week.”

Erwin said he welcomes input from people in House District 28 either via Facebook or by calling or emailing his office.